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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank you!


 On June 30, we end a successful 2011-12 school year and our fiscal year.

Many thanks to all who make GenerationNation possible!
  • STUDENTS - who are working hard to learn, succeed and lead in their schools and community (and one day, the nation!)
  • PARENTS - who involve their children in hands-on civic learning experiences 
  • TEACHERS - who help students learn how their governments and communities work, and how citizens and leaders work together to make a difference
  • VOLUNTEERS - who make our programs and operations work so well
  • PARTNERS - who help us to build capacity, achieve goals and reach diverse audiences
  • PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND BUSINESS LEADERS - who lend their time and interest to educate and engage the next generation of civic leaders
  • MEDIA - who help to instruct students on current events, media literacy and the First Amendment, and who help to share our news
  • DONORS - who invest needed financial resources
  • YOU!

Your support makes ALL the difference! 

With your help in 2011-12, GenerationNation:

What's next? There's still work to be done! 2012-13 brings a once in a lifetime civic learning opportunity for Charlotte's K-12 students. And, it doesn't stop with the convention and election. As Charlotte's K-12 civic education champion for the last 20 years, GenerationNation will continue the legacy of civic literacy, leadership and engagement into the future.

If you haven't already, we invite you to make a financial investment in the mission of GenerationNation. Please donate now to continue to impact Charlotte's K-12 students in 2012-13.

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to us!

In June 1992, our organization was founded in Charlotte. Many thanks to all who have worked with us to make the past 20 years as Charlotte's K-12 civic education champion a huge success...and we look forward to many more!

GenerationNation (formerly known as Kids Voting Mecklenburg) has helped hundreds of thousands of K-12 students develop civic knowledge, habits and skills through smart, fun and engaging activities that connect the classroom with hands-on experiences. Programs include K-12 civic education, Youth Civics, Youth Voice Leadership Alliance and the Kids Voting mock election.

We appreciate the support and involvement of all who make it possible: students, teachers, parents, volunteers, program partners, public officials and business leaders, funders, media...YOU!

View photos of GenerationNation at work.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrating Civics at the Charlotte in 2012 Kids Convention!

At the June 2 Kids Convention, hosted by Charlotte in 2012, EpiCentre, and GenerationNation, hundreds of kids and their families spent a fun Saturday exploring civics in action.

Kids had opportunities to make campaign buttons, play the Civics IQ game, vote on a community issue, come up with ideas and solutions for the country and city, and hear from civic leaders. They also had a great time dancing with Radio Disney and watching Inspire the Fire and the West Charlotte marching band.

In one of the activities, students considered their ideas and solutions for the nation and city. Download lesson

View all photos, including this one featuring Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx and Youth Voice members

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