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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 tips for being a good voter


1. LEARN about the candidates

Start with an issue you care about (education, environment, jobs, healthcare, etc.) and then find information about the candidates and their views on that issue.
Great places to look are the candidate websites, news sources such as C-SPAN, debates, and information at

2. THINK about the information

As you are thinking, ask questions
  • Is  this information helpful?
  • Is it from a good, truthful source? Does it fit with other facts you know? How does it make you feel?
  • Do you have enough information to make a decision? (if not, find more information!
Tip: In an election, focus more on the individual candidates, their ideas and solutions  - and less on the political parties and their platforms

3. DECIDE: Choose a candidate

Review what you have learned about the candidates - did they share ideas and solutions, or mostly complain about the opposing candidate?
Decide which one you most agree with. Based on the information you know, do you think the candidate will do a good job?


Every election, it is important to cast a ballot to make your voice heard!
Each area has a Board of Elections (North Carolina and Mecklenburg County) - find it on the web for information about voting in your area. Make family voting a habit. (In the  Charlotte area, students can cast a vote through the Kids Voting election!)

5. STAY ENGAGED: Keep paying attention and being involved

Once you vote, are you finished? NO!
  • After the election, look for the official election results.
  • Keep track of the winning candidates  - do they keep their campaign promises? do they make good decisions?
  • Stay involved - watch or attend government meetings, keep up with the news, and contact elected officials about issues you care about.