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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A great year to use the Kids Voting USA curriculum!

We are proud to be a 20-year Kids Voting USA partner!

In this exciting year,use Kids Voting USA's classroom activities to help your students learn about the election process, voting, democracy, civic engagement, media literacy and more!

To access the free online lessons, take the following steps
  1. Go to 
  2. A login page will open.
  • If you are a NEW USER
    • Click on the register link
    • Enter, and re-enter, your email address
    • Fill in your first name and last name
    • For affiliate name, write “Kids Voting Charlotte”
    • Fill in your school name and city
    • Choose your state from the drop-down box
    • Create, and re-enter, a password
    • Fill in the “captcha” code
    • Click “register” 
    • Within a period of time, you will receive an email from Kids Voting USA with a     confirmation and other login information
  •  If you are a RETURNING USER
    • Login using your email and password
3. After you log in, an introductory curriculum page will open.

4. Go to the bottom of the page, and select the appropriate links for your grade level
  • K-2 activities
  • 3-5 activities
  • 6-8 activities
  • 9-12 activities
5. Using the curriculum
The Kids Voting USA curriculum is designed to be flexible and easy to incorporate into existing lesson plans.  Within each age grouping, activities are divided into 4 major themes. From the curriculum page, click on the appropriate theme to access the individual activities.
  • Elections and Voting -The intent of this theme is to educate students about elections, from gaining an appreciation of the power of voting including what suffrage is and why it is an important concept today to understanding the registration process and participating in an election.  The theme’s activities fall under three concepts: My Vote Gives Me Power; I Register and Vote; and Suffrage Then and Now. Note: lessons in other themes tie in to elections and voting
  • Democracy and the People -The intent of this theme is to provide an understanding of and a context for American democracy and citizenship, from the rights and responsibilities of students in their local, state and national communities to the world beyond.  The theme’s activities fall under four concepts: What is Democracy; Democracy in America; A Citizen’s Rights and Responsibilities; and Democracy in the World.
  • Informed Citizen -The intent of this theme is for students to learn how to evaluate information, intelligently form decisions and communicate your positions to others.  The theme’s activities fall under three concepts: I Study the Candidates and Issues; Gathering and Weighing Information; and Technology/Media Literacy.
  • Civic Engagement/Service Learning -The intent of this theme is for students to practice the skills of democratic living as they learn important civic lessons in the classroom and participate in activities in their communities.  The theme’s activities fall under three concepts: Working Together; I Make A Difference; and Communicating with Others.

6. For your convenience, a PDF file of each activity is available for printing

7. ESL resources are also available on the website

8. Curriculum is aligned to national, state and district standards and goals. Alignment guides for the Common Core, North Carolina Essential Standards for Social Studies and other correlations are being developed in mid-2012. This content will be posted at and shared with teacher contacts. Contact us  for information.

Access Kids Voting USA curriculum and more information
Access Kids Voting USA curriculum
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