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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Youth Voice Leadership Alliance

Talking about tests and teacher performance with CMS leaders

High school students are invited to participate in Youth Voice - Leadership Alliance.

This is YOUR CHANCE to get involved in the issues, policies and decisions that impact children and youth in our community.
  • Students meet to identify and discuss school and community issues, and have meetings and forums with government leaders.
  • The youth civic leadership program is a great opportunity for student leaders, and emerging leaders.
  • Network, learn about government and leadership, and make your voice heard on policies and decisions impacting our schools and community. 

***PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND CIVIC LEADERS: You are invited, too! Youth Voice Leadership Alliance wants to partner with you in solving school, community and other government issues impacting children and youth. We're already working with many of you. Contact us to learn more, and connect with Youth Voice on Facebook.***

Who's involved?

All high school students are invited to participate. Represent your school, your youth program or yourself!

  • 2011-12 student leaders are Jalen Feaster (Mallard Creek) and Aidan McConnell (Providence).
  • Leaders from the city, county, CMS and around the community partner with students and GenerationNation to help youth make a difference in our community.
  • Youth Voice is a program of GenerationNation (formerly known as Kids Voting Mecklenburg), a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that educates K-12 students about government, civic participation and leadership through classroom activities and community learning opportunities. All schools and youth programs are invited to get involved.
  • In the news:

When and where?

  • The group meets 2-3 times a month, usually on Tuesday evenings (some meetings with officials on different dates) at the Government Center (600 E 4th Street, 28202).
  •  You can start anytime in the year - it is OK if you did not attend in the fall!

Get involved!