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Friday, December 16, 2011

A special opportunity for high school civics and government teachers

Engage Your Students in “Real-World” Civics: The Civic Action Project

Start 2012 off right by registering in the upcoming FREE teacher training...

The North Carolina Civic Education Consortium, Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) and GenerationNation (home of Kids Voting Mecklenburg, Youth Civics and Youth Voice) are pleased to offer a rare professional development opportunity for civics and government teachers.

Join us after school on Thursday, February 2 to learn about implementing CRF’s “Civic Action Project” (CAP) curriculum in your civics and government courses. With a focus on policy making, effective citizenship and real world application, this innovative program can assist in making tested material more relevant and engaging for students!

About CAP

The CAP curriculum consists of a series of succinct, interactive, and easy-to-implement policy related lessons plans. Through readings, discussion questions that promote critical thinking, and engaging classroom activities contained in the lessons, students learn how government content applies to policymaking at the local level, how policy is made and can be influenced, as well as strategies for effective citizenship. The CAP curriculum simultaneously leads students through their own civic action project, in which they select a problem or issue in their own community relating to policy, examine and analyze the problem or issue, and consider and implement civic actions to affect change around that issue.

The curriculum is designed to give teachers a practical range of options for taking students through the civic action process, as well as offers teachers planning support, guidance, content, and teacher-tested tips. Most importantly, this curriculum provides students with a chance to apply what they have learned to a real world experience in taking civic action, thus bringing tested civics and governmental concepts to life.

Seats are limited - register today!

Dinner and materials will be provided. Teachers who complete the project will receive CEU and other incentives.

Seats are limited. Register today! To register, contact Amy Farrell with your name, school, email and phone number. We'll provide more information about training location and other details in January. Questions? Call 704-343-6999 or email us.

Educating and engaging students to lead

We have exciting news to share as we reflect on Kids Voting Mecklenburg's 20th anniversary of connecting classroom education with civic learning opportunities, and look forward to a new year and bright future.

We've taken considerable time and energy to reflect on our work and assess the future goals and needs of K-12 students: the next generation of leaders. With this milestone, feedback from hundreds of stakeholders, and the proud history that you have helped to establish, we have decided to change our organization's name to GenerationNation.

We'll make an official announcement in January. We wanted to take this opportunity to share this news with you now, and thank you for your continued support.


Our name is new. What's not changing? Our commitment and vision to educate and engage K-12 students to lead in their schools, communities and nation. We believe GenerationNation reflects the broad scope of our work to expand students' interest, understanding and involvement in government, leadership and civic life. Our programs help students in school, build civic literacy and develop young people as effective citizens and leaders.

GenerationNation will be the home for the programs you have helped to make a success - the Kids Voting Mecklenburg election, YouthCivics, Youth Voice Leadership Alliance, K-12 civic education and a host of civic learning opportunities - and which we hope will grow, along with new initiatives.

Our work is needed more than ever

Without civic literacy, students can't graduate or become effective citizens and leaders. Who's impacted? You. Me. Everyone. Now, and for the future.
  • Study after study shows that students know less about civics and history than math, English or science. More can name the American Idol judges than the 3 branches of federal government. Across all demographics, students know even less about local and state government. 
  • Civics and history are public school graduation requirements, yet due to education trends, budget cuts and learning opportunity gaps, many of today's K-12 students don't know how their governments and communities work.
  • At the same time, our political climate is increasingly divisive. Students are watching.
Is this the best we can do to educate the next generation of leaders?

Join GenerationNation to educate students and build leaders

How can you help make a difference? Support GenerationNation, a nonprofit organization that provides the only opportunity for the civic education of K-12 students in our community. Your tax-deductible contribution by December 31 will help GenerationNation kick off 2012, and bright future, with a strong start.

We hope you share our hope and excitement as we take this next step forward together. You'll be hearing more from us soon! In the meantime, please visit and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Kids Voting Mecklenburg is now GenerationNation. The education-focused nonprofit organization, founded in 1992, changed its name in December 2011 to better reflect the wide range of educational tools and learning opportunities the organization provides, and envisions, to positively impact K-12 students and the Charlotte area. Programs educate and engage students in government, leadership and civic life. Current initiatives of GenerationNation include K-12 civic education and teacher training, Youth Civics, Youth Voice Leadership Alliance, and the Kids Voting Mecklenburg election.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free to Tweet

On December 15, students age 14-22 can win one of 22 $5,000 scholarships through “Free to Tweet”.

December 15 is the 220th anniversary of our right to free expression, the First Amendment. Tweet your support for the First Amendment with the hash tag #freetotweet, and which enters students in the "Free to Tweet” scholarship competition. Students are encouraged to freely express themselves in their entries, which can be posted on any publicly viewable social media platform, including blogs.

Learn more: