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Monday, October 24, 2011

Rate the candidates

Before voting in this year’s school board election, learn about the candidates and decide where they stand on issues that matter to you. Rank the candidates on each issue, with 1= worst and 10=best. Then, add up the scores and see which candidates look the best to you! (3 At-Large seats are up for election in 2011.)



Short candidate video interviews: 
  • Testing – Do you support standardized tests in every subject and grade?
  • Teachers – How should CMS attract and retain great teachers?
  • Focus – Where should CMS focus on students...high-achievers, at-risk or students in the middle?
  • Charter Schools – What is the role of charter schools at CMS?
  • Diversity – What kind of diversity is most important at CMS?
  • AP Classes – Should there be more AP classes at high schools?
  • Equity – Should all schools get the same resources and how will you know if this is happening?
  • Deconsolidate – Is CMS too big?
  • Youth Voice – Should CMS involve students in policy and decision-making?
  • Information – How are you informed about CMS?

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Student vote on school board, mayor and council candidates – October 24-November 8

    Youth Voice students Maya Fleming (East Mecklenburg), Jalen Feaster (Mallard Creek) and Aidan McConnell (Providence) questioned school board candidates. Click here to view videos