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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Learning about candidates


Getting ready to vote in Election 2011?

First, you need to learn about the candidates who are running for office. Here are some great places to start reading candidate profiles, checking out their positions and websites, and watching videos. We will continue to post links here through Election 2011 - check back to see the updates!


List of candidates
Teaching about the election?

MeckEd candidate profiles
CMS candidate profiles
Kids Voting/WTVI/League of Women Voters video interviews 
Charlotte Observer profiles in grid form
UNC-TV Candidate Profiles
Larry Bumgarner
Elyse Dashew
Ericka Ellis-Stewart
Keith Hurley
Mary McCray
DeShauna McLamb (no website)
Tim Morgan
Ken Nelson
Hans Plotseneder
Aaron Pomis
Darrin Rankin
Lloyd Scher
Jeff Wise


WTVI videos/debate (coming soon)
Charlotte Observer candidate profiles (coming soon)
UNC-TV Candidate Profiles
Anthony Foxx (D)
Scott Stone (R)

Jeff Tarte running unopposed Election 2011 news
UNC-TV Voter Guide

Huntersville Herald questions Election 2011 news
UNC-TV Voter Guide
Vince Winegardner
John Woods

UNC-TV Voter Guide
Lake Norman Citizen profiles
Lake Norman Citizen Tilley info (toward end of story )
Huntersville Herald (coming soon)
Beth (Danae) Caulfield
Jill Swain

UNC-TV Voter Guide
Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly profile

Jim Taylor (unopposed)

Mint Hill
UNC-TV Voter Guide
Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly profile 
Ted Biggers
Jean Bonner (no website)

George Fowler (unopposed)

Charlotte - At-Large

Patrick Cannon
Claire Fallon
David Howard
Beth Pickering
Christopher Hailey
Mohamed Moustafa
Edwin Peacock
Curtis Watkins
Alexander Vuchnich

District Map

District 1
Patsy Kinsey (D)

District 2
James Mitchell (D)

District 3
LaWana Mayfield (D)
Ed Toney (R)

District 4
Michael Barnes (D)
Larry Shannon (R)

District 5
John Autry (D)
Dennis Peterson (R)

District 6
Andy Dulin

District 7
Warren Cooksey

Cornelius Board of Commissioners
John Bradford III
Dave Gilroy
Jeff Hare
Lynette Rinker
Thurman Ross
Chuck Travis

Kristen Coupal
Jim Fuller
Rodney Graham
Brian Jenest
Mickey Pettus
Laurie Venzon
Connie Wessner

Melinda Bales
Adam Boatsman
Charles Guignard
Charles Jeter
Ron Julian
Sarah McAulay
Dempsey Miller
Jeff Neely
Danny Phillips
Adam Planty
Brian Sisson

Paul Bailey
Suzanne Gulley
Jeff Miller
Nancy LaFond Moore
Joe Pata
Kress Query
John Urban

Mint Hill
Lloyd D. Austin
Carl (Mickey) Ellington
Christopher McAvoy
Brenda McRae
Eric S. Random
Katrina (Tina) Weaver Ross
Derrick Snyder

Al Baskins
Libby Boyd Boatwright
Melissa Rogers Davis
Jim Eschert
Deborah Fowler
Les Gladden
David Macala
David Phillips