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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Educators, we're here for you!

Civics in Action: programs and resources for your classrooms and students 

Kids Voting Mecklenburg is Charlotte's organization dedicated to K-12 civic education. Our programs and resources focus on themes about government, civic participation and leadership to help students in school, build civic literacy and develop young people as effective citizens and leaders.

We combine classroom education and community learning opportunities to maximize comprehension and impact. It’s the best way for students to develop civic literacy and build leadership skills. 

Classroom Resources
  • Tools: Classroom Resource Library and Civic Learning Center
    • Curriculum and resources for civic learning opportunities through the year
    • Some PDF files require a password: civicliteracy
  • Themes center on government, civic participation, law, leadership
  • Flexible and easy to use.  Aligned to NC Standard Course of Study.
  • Civic Education partners include Kids Voting USA, Civic Action Project, NC Civic Education Consortium, iCivics, Newspapers in Education and others.
  • Guides aligning civic education resources to local government resources, leaders, issues. Local curriculum and resources about local/state/national government, leaders, civic participation, current events, etc.
  • Teacher support and professional development opportunities

Civic Learning Opportunities

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Integrating civic literacy from an early age though high school 
Education Impact 
Overview - Civic Learning Opportunities
Overview - Classroom Resources
Teacher overview

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