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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Community service opportunity

Kids Voting is recruiting volunteers to serve as Captains to lead and staff student voting booths for Election 2011. This is a great activity for students, PTAs, businesses, youth groups and others. Service hours are available.

Kids Voting Election
The Kids Voting election is a civic learning opportunity that gives K-12 students a chance to learn about elections and voting by casting ballots on real candidates and issues. In 2010, over 45,000 Charlotte-Mecklenburg students participated. More information is posted at

Precinct Captain
The captain will be responsible for: attending training; lining up volunteers needed to staff the site and being available to them on your voting date(s); working closely with election officials; managing the Kids Voting booth and ensuring a smooth and orderly election experience; returning ballots and supplies to Kids Voting on Election Night and providing feedback and ideas for Election 2012.

We are looking for captains for two different opportunities:

A. Early Voting - earn up to 25 hours of service Manage a site on Friday October 28 11AM-5PM, Saturday October 29 10AM-1PM, Sunday October 30 1-4PM, and Saturday November 5 10AM-1PM. You can work with a co-captain, and lead a group of volunteers who will staff your voting site (usually working 2 at a time in 3 hour shifts, often fewer individual volunteers working longer shifts if they are students earning service hours). UPDATE: THESE SITES NOW HAVE CAPTAINS. THANK YOU!

B. Election Day - earn up to 10 hours of service
Manage a site on Tuesday, November 8 at 3:30-7:30PM


Note: As captain, you do not have to personally be at your site the entire time if you have volunteers working for you. Here's an example of a volunteer schedule.

The captain will attend a one-hour training in mid/late October 2011 (dates will be provided after you register as a captain) for information and supplies.

Sign up to be a captain
Contact with the following information:
1. Student name
2. School, business or organization name
3. Email and phone number
4. If you are interested in (A) Early Voting or (B) Election Day, or both
5. Area of city/county where you would like to volunteer - we will work with you to identify a site. Sites are located across the community. Sign up today!
Example of voting sites where captains are needed - this list changes frequently

This is a great time to get involved. You can earn service hours, enjoy the excitement of the election, and be first in line to participate for Election 2012.

About Kids Voting Mecklenburg

Kids Voting Mecklenburg educates K-12 students about government, civic participation and leadership through a combination of classroom activities and community learning opportunities throughout the year. Programs and resources help students in school, build civic literacy and develop young people as effective citizens and leaders.

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