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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Constitution Day


Constitution Day is September 17. This is an opportunity to incorporate civic learning into the classroom or dinner table discussion. Good discussion topics include the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech), Voting Rights and more. There are many excellent resources and lesson plans available, covering just a few minutes to entire class periods and more. Here are a few we like:

High schools have the additional opportunity of hosting a student voter registration drive - use this opportunity to explore the right to vote and also celebrate NC Voter Awareness Month. Read more here.

Did you know: Schools receiving federal funding are required to spend some time during the class day to study and celebrate the US Constitution. (Use that as a civics lesson in itself!)

We are developing a partnership with iCivics, and developing resources to link their games and lessons to current events and civic learning opportunities in Charlotte. Let us know your ideas!