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Friday, June 10, 2011

What's your solution?

Teens are invited to make their voices heard on  June 28. Details below.

Speed Street violence
70 people were arrested, and one killed, as crowds gathered during and after Speed Street in late May. Afterward, city officials viewed photos and videos and heard reports about what may have happened. Based on these reports, officials believe as many as 60,000 people, mostly in their teens and 20s, were gathered in uptown Charlotte in an area near the transit center.

Officials are looking for solutions, including raising the curfew
Now, officials are continuing to review the situation and identify possible solutions so this kind of violence does not happen again. One suggestion has been to raise the curfew for teenagers, so that youth are not hanging out in the downtown area during special events.

Opportunity for YOUTH VOICE
What do you think? Do you think this will solve the problem of violence? Why or why not? What are your solutions?

Make your voice heard at a community meeting later this month. Teens will meet to discuss the issue with community leaders on June 28, 6-8PM at the Dowd Y. Details here:

Check the Mecklenburg Youth Voice Facebook page for meeting info and updates.

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