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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What happens after Election Day?

Tuesday was Election Day. Today - and until November 8, 2011 -  it's not. Does that mean we stop caring about the candidates and issues for a whole year?

Of course not! Being a smart, active citizen means you stay on top of the issues and keep track of the candidates who have been elected into office. Here are some things you can do:

Over the next few days, look for election results.
  • Analyze the results.
  • Compare how different media sources report the same news.
  • Compare turnout in different places across the county, state and country.
  • Were there any surprises? Have any major changes happened because of the election?
  • Does voter turnout in the US the same as it is in other countries? Why or why not?
  • Did the student vote match the adult vote? Why or why not?

Keep track of the winning candidates. Most will be sworn into office in December and January.
  • Do they make good decisions?
  • Do they keep their campaign promises?
  • Are they exhibiting leadership qualities? Like what?
  • Are they operating as politicians? How?
Read what candidates promised at CharMeckVotes, candidate websites and Kids Voting's student interviews (view on Facebook or Slideshare)

Get involved.
  • Follow the issues you care about.
  • Watch or attend government meetings.
  • Email or call officials - let them know what's on your mind!
  • If you are a teen, sign up for Kids Voting's programs YouthCivics and Mecklenburg Youth Voice.