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Monday, October 25, 2010

Read! Think! Decide!

Teaching about the election? There's more to it than voting! Here are a few ways to link the election and civic learning with other subjects:

  • Comprehension
  • Information about candidates and election
  • Ballot instructions
  • Evaluating and thinking about the information
  • Making informed decisions based on information
  • Communicating your position effectively
  • Using media and technology
  • Counting votes
  • Grouping like items and seeing patterns
  • Measuring paper for the voting chains and ballots
  • Calculating percentages of votes or turnout.
Social studies
  • Learning about levels of local, state and national government
  • Participating in democracy
  • Elections and civic participation
  • Examining roles of leaders and citizens
  • Comparing local issues with historic, statewide, national or global issues
Many applications to 21st century learning

Study resources

K-5 Election Information

Grade 6-12 Election Information